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Swap/Sale List

Hello! I have several unloved items up for swap or sale. I am currently ISO a few Moona products (especially in Stone Cold, Woodland Temple, Forest Floor, Lavender & Vanilla Bourbon, Lavender Dreams scents), Future Primitive (Cold Pillow, Gossamer Ghost, Clotted Peach Cream, Ethereal Seas, try me on others!) and the following BPAL oils: Enchanted Wood Florist, Bean Man & Bean Woman, Pursue Rabbit, Elf v4, new Lupers, & BPTP. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like any photos! Thanks! =)



Christmas Eve on the Moor, 2/3, $10
Flor de Muerto 2013, $20
Hunter Moon 2007, $15
Ivanushka, $17
Khajuraho 2006 (spelled Khajurajo), $15
Lady in Speckled Pink Kimono, $20
L'Estate, $30
Midnight Mass 2012, 30% full, $5
Samhain 2012, $20
The School, 1/2, $7
Snow Angel 2008, $30
Snow Bunny, just under TOL, $14
Snow White 2005, $25
Snow White 2008, $20
Sweet Alyssum SN, $15
A Wonderful Light, $15
Yule 2011, $15

Decants: 3.50 full (unless noted otherwise), 1.50 for 1/2

All Saints
Blossoms in Springtime, 75%, 2.50
Jasmine Cottage
Lotus Moon 2010
Moroccan Pumpkin Patch
Night's Pavilion 2011, in original bottle
The Queen of Hell
September Midnight
The Waltz of the Snowflakes

GC Imps, $1.50: (I would looove to swap these for some imps on my wishlist!)

Black Cat
Danse Macabre
Dragon's Tears
Jersey Devil
Kumari Kandam
The Lady of Shalott
Loup Garou
The Robotic Scarab
Schrodinger's Cat
The Temptation
The Witch's Garden


Peaches in the BPAL Garden Atmo, sprizted a few times, $18
Snow Angel atmo, spritzed a few times, $20
Silkybat Hair Gloss, BNNU, $30

Haus of Gloi

Moon Dog fragrance oil imp, unused, $1.50
Picaroon fragrance oil imp, unused, $1.50
Golden Corn Cakes new 4 oz. Soft Bubbling scrub, opened for sniffs, $7
Sol Whipped Soap, BNNU, $5

Future Primitive

A Pudding of a Maple Rice Soap, BNNU, $5
Seville Orange Sugar Buff, BNNU, $8
The Shire Whipped Soap, BNNU, $7


Sword and Lion Sugar Polish, BNNU, $10


Amber Rose Perfume Oil, tested once, $14
Bohemian Velvet Hair Detangler, BNNU, $7
Bongo Poppy Cake Perfume Oil, $10
Coconut Madness Crazy for Cocoa Cream, BNNU, $10
French Lavender Bubbling Bath Brew, BNNU, $8
French Lavender Disappearing Bath Oil, lightly tested once, $10
Hayride Detangler, BNNU, $7
Hocus Pocus Soap, small slice cleanly cut off, $7
Jingle Jelly Donut Perfume Oil, $10
Lemon Lime & Ginger Soda Bubbling Bath Brew, BNNU, $8
Mabon Bath Salts, BNNU, $8
Mabon Room Spray, BNNU, $8
Mermaid's Tale Bath Salts, BNNU, $10
Marzipan Corn Cake Hair Conditioner, BNNU, $7
Marzipan Corn Cake Soap, BNNU, $8
Marzipan Corn Cake Perfume Oil, $10
Peach Paradise Conditioner, BNNU, $7
Pumpkin Batter Disappearing Bath Oil, BNNU, $9
Pumpkin Batter Spray Perfume, 75% full, $5
Pumpkin Batter Potion Lotion, lightly used, 98% full, $5
Snozzberry Fizzy Lifter Cupcake Soap, small slice cut off, $5
Tangerine Coconut Crunch Disappearing Bath Oil, lightly tested once, $10
Torta del Cielo Foaming Honey Milk Wash, used once, 90% full, $8
Wild West Sarsaparilla Potion Lotion, BNNU, $7

Solstice Scents

Nightgown Burnishing Glace, BNNU, $10

Various Nail Polishes

Butter London - Branwen's Feather, swatched once, $7
Butter London - Nail Foundation Base Coat, used a couple of times, $5
Butter London - PDQ Top Coat, used a couple of times, $5
Butter London - Pink Ribbon, BNNU, $8
Butter London - Tea with the Queen, swatched once, $7

Crow's Toes - Asterope, BNNU, $6
Crow's Toes - Orion, BNNU, $6
Crow's Toes - Voodoo, swatched once, $5

Girly Bits - A Long Winter's Nap, swatched once, $5
Girly Bits - Arctic Sunrise, swatched once, $5
Girly Bits - Indian Summer, swatched once, $5
Girly Bits - January Morning, BNNU, $6

Glitter Daze - A Pie-ce Of My Heart, BNNU, $6
Glitter Daze - It's Fall Thanks To You, small BNNU, $3
Glitter Daze - You Can't Have Your Brains and Eat 'Em Too, small BNNU, $3

OPI - Too Hot to Hold 'Em Pink, swatched once, $4

Urban Lacquer - Ab Initio, swatched once, $5
Urban Lacquer - Coffee Breath, BNNU, $6
Urban Lacquer - Reply All, BNNU, $6



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